Tuesday, January 12, 2010


January 12, 2010

So Sunday Morning was very chilly and I had taken my 3 children shopping.  I told my son, kleese to femwaar sou, (which means zipper up your jacket).  He yelled, "what?, I don't understand what you're saying?!"    I replied, "you do not need to yell, but if any of you can guess what femwaar means, you'll get a toy from the treasure box when we return home."  The girls being more advanced in the language got it.   To motivate my son in now REMEMBERING this new phrase, I told him, the meaning again, (repetition is key) then I said, " if I ask you in one hour what this means and you tell me correctly, you too will get a prize."  Well, he did earn that prize.

The kicker to this story though, is that the next evening we were in the market, when I noticed his pant's zipper was down.  Now that he is five, he finally appreciates discretion, and lit up when I said, "kleese to femwaar sou"  He remembered!!!