Thursday, May 6, 2010

***Crisis in Greece***

Christos Anesti,
Today, I'm taking the opportunity to discuss my concern over the growing crisis in Greece.   Given, that I have family in Greece, but more than that, a permanent connection to all that my grandparents, and hence Greece has/ had given me; I am deeply saddened by the deaths of  three people and the chaos that is at hand. 

      I was thinking, what could one person do?  Me alone, if I could do anything to help I would but, truly what can one person alone do?  It only takes one person though to talk to one other, and then the second person talks to someone else...You get what I mean.  I can't do anything alone.  However, all of us together those of us who are Greek, those of us who are not, all together we certainly can.  Maybe you fell in love with Greece through books, or visiting Greece or maybe just visiting a Greek household, where you were automatically welcomed in as family.  To you all I am writing, please pray that the crisis subsides and that Greece's economy is restored.   Please also consider, if in any way, there is a channel provided for us to legitimately help restore Greece's economy even slightly and we are requested to assist, please consider offering what you are capable of.
            Please enjoy the following three videos...

God Bless Us All.