Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Greek Pajama Party Speak Greek Night

There's nothing as motivating as telling our children they can stay up all night, sleep on the den floor as long as they (we all) speak Greek during that entire time.  It becomes quite easy to get the children to practice, paraphrase and learn under the guise of keeping it fun, when they get to sleep with stuffed animals, blankets, in the middle of a floor where they are NOT usually allowed to be.
During this time, we have ice cream, the only catch is that the children request for all things in Greek, and I respond in Greek, not difficult when it is for desired things.  I also do a puppet show for my children, all in the foreign language. (The puppets I bought from a craft store for 2.50 cents each).  The puppets talk to each other, argue, act silly, and talk to each of my 3 children.  Three of the puppets can only speak Greek, so if my children do not understand, they can ask the one (giraffe) puppet , "ti leei".  The giraffe puppet, is the only one who is bilingual, so he can help translate English->Greek, Greek->English.  This keeps it light and fun for my  children.

.....and of course they each earn their newest patch for a job well done!